Decking Sheet

Structural Decking Sheet is an economic steel formwork deck that provides a stable and safe working platform to allow wet concrete to be poured. Structural Decking also acts as a tensile reinforcement imparting strength to the concrete slab. The steel decking sheets are suitable for all forms of construction – masonry, steel frame, concrete frame & all segments – Infrastructural, industrial, commercial & residential.
Benefits of Decking Sheets
• Excellent spanning capacities for greater strength and less deflection
• Saves on concrete and reinforcement cost
• Speedy construction ensures faster project completion
• Precision engineered; brings greater economy and design freedom
• Greater corrosion resistance provides long life
• Ease of installation combined with safety
• Simple trapezoidal profile enables ease in overlapping
• Acts as permanent shuttering, stronger than conventional shuttering

Applications of Decking Sheets
• High Rise Buildings
• Multiplexes and Commercial Buildings
• Power Plants
• Mezzanine Floors in Industrial Buildings and Warehouses
• Multi-Storeyed Industrial Buildings and Warehouses
• Bridges and Flyovers
• Walkways and Skywalks
• Railway stations and Airports


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