What is Purlins?

Purlins carry the roof deck or sheathing loads and are supported by large rafters and/or building walls, steel beams, etc. In comparison to closely spaced rafters, the use of purlins is common in pre-engineered metal construction systems

Purlins pass roof loads to the major structural elements supporting the roof; the form and arrangement of purlins is a design factor that depends on the instance of roof loads as well as the limiting sheeting lengths to use. In the final analysis, local building codes should always be understood and implemented in the design of a concrete roof structure.
Steel purlins are a substitute for conventional wood purlins. They are lightweight, stable in dimension, accurate and simple. In extreme temperature changes, they expand and contract moderately. Steel purlin is typically made of cold-formed material, which is thin enough to get through the screws. Cold-formed steel is rendered in the desired shape by rolling or pressing thin sheets of steel in. To the producer, it is less costly than hot-rolled steel and is, therefore, simpler to deal with. Though cold-formed steel is stronger than hot-formed steel when under strain, it is more likely to crack rather than bend.
Purlins are made of different metals. Some are simple Mild steel having normal strength and some are with zinc coating of different GSM. In harsh weather special coating can be applied over and above zinc coating.

Types of Cold Formed Purlins:
C Shaped Purlins:

C purlins, as the name implies, are formed as in the C alphabet, which is primarily used to support walls and floors. C section purlins are built to shape a building shell structure’s walls and floor joists, making them also suitable for supporting the beams required for flooring. These may also use our C segment purlins with door mounting, roof clipping, window trimming, parapet rails, and side rails.Both of our purlins in section C have similar extensions on their ends, which means they can be used in single spans. These are freestanding and secure, allowing them to be easily managed while being mounted while also offering stable support in the system.Sizes Available for C Purlins:C – Section purlins are available in a wide range of thicknesses and are supplied to the exact specifications of the customer up to any length, enabling them to be easily modified for use in buildings of various sizes. We Supply them un-drilled or with different diameter pre-drilled holes (Oval shape and round shape holes of any dimensions can be provided on request). Web height up to 300 mm is available and thickness up to 3.2 mm is available.

Z Shaped Purlin:
Another form of Z purlin is stronger than C purlin and is mostly used together at joints and overlaps. Z purlins or zed purlins are horizontal beams that are built to shape a building shell structure’s roof and wall joists. They sit between the roofing sheets and the building, acting as sheet support to ensure that it is firmly attached and secure in place. Due to its relatively high flexibility and lightweight properties Z purlins are most commonly used in agricultural and industrial buildings which make them easily adapted for use in a variety of different sizes.
Sizes Available for Z Purlins:
We Supply Z purlins in a broad range of thicknesses that can be produced up to any length to suit your exact requirements. We can also supply them un-drilled or with any diameter pre-drilled holes according to your requirements. (Oval shape and round shape holes of any dimensions can be provided on request). Web height up to 300 mm is available and thickness up to 3.2 mm is available.

Why are Purlins Considered Reliable Building Materials?

Height of buildings rising almost to the sky, apartments, factories and warehouses can be seen everywhere you go. This concrete jungle has now become people’s backbone to get a perfect place to rest, work, dine, and do other things. What needs to be understood is how these high – rise buildings as well as several hectares of warehouses are built using highly strong materials.
A variety of construction materials available on the marketplace are the very thing that makes it look so amazing to build, factories and other facilities and allow it to last longer effectively. Purlin is one of those highly common architectural materials among varied materials that can be used efficiently to help and support roof deck or sheathing.


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